Camps and Tours

The Melba College camps and tours program enriches student learning. It offers new and varied opportunities in the classroom of the wider world for skill development and personal growth.

Our inclusive, goal oriented program is summarised in the table below.

Year Level Title Purpose Location Duration When
Year 7 Orientation Camp Relationship building Mt Evelyn 3 Days Week 1 Term 1
Year 8 Beach Camp Outdoor education, Resilience, teamwork Torquay 3 days Term 4
Year 9 City Experience Fostering social skills and independence, teamwork, research, presentation skills Melbourne CBD 1 Week Term 3
Junior Sub-School** Tasmania Personal and social development Devonport, East coast, Port Arthur, Hobart 5 days Varies
Years 9-12 Surf Camp Skill development Social and personal development Collaboration Lorne TBA Term 1
Years 9-12 Ski Camp Skill development Mt Buller 3 Days* Term 3
Years 10-11 Central Australia Tour Travel experience Social and personal development Relationship building Learning: culture and history Northern Territory 10 Days Term 3
Year 12 Study Camp Study skill development Team building Wellbeing input TBA 3 Days Term 1
Music: Wind Symphony Band Camp Skill development Knowledge exchange Performance practice Collaboration TBA TBA Early February

 (**Alternating years for Year and Year 9 students, * 3 Days 2 Nights)