Arts & Technology

Product Design and Technology – Wood, Metal & Textiles
These programs provide students with an opportunity to develop their creativity, problem solving and technical skills using various materials and technological tools. They are introduced to the correct and safe use of tools and machinery from the simple to the more complex to make their projects. Students complete freehand drawings of their designs and then more formal drawings including dimensions and annotations. We focus on students developing their own ideas, using appropriate drawing techniques and constructing a finished product that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. All of this is achieved in a safe well-supervised working environment. Broader issues of technology are also investigated and its importance and impact on our everyday lives, the broader community and the natural environment.

Visual Arts
The Visual Arts programs provide opportunities to students who are inspired to create. Programs are designed to help students who are keen to develop their skills in preparation for VCE Art, Studio Arts and Visual Communication and Design. Specific areas of study may include Painting, Print Making, Drawing, Sculpture, Ceramics, Digital Photography, Computer-Aided Imagery and Media Studies.
Students build a folio of work as well as accompanying development work in their visual art diary. There is an emphasis on learning and exploring new techniques to express individual themes and ideas through the making of art. In theory lessons a range of art periods and styles are studied to complement the practical assignments. Students research the work of a variety of Australian and International artists and study the influences they have had on artworks and art processes.