The Humanities involves the study of History, Geography, Economics and Business. Students develop an understanding of human societies and physical environments, exploring people and cultures in the past and the present.
At Melba, we adopt an inquiry based approach to learning and support students to develop research skills by planning their own investigations and asking key questions. Students also gather, question and analyse a range of sources of information, including artefacts, maps, photographs and interviews, and form conclusions supported by evidence. They are encouraged to present their information in ways which draw upon their individual learning styles.
In addition to their studies in the classroom, students participate in a number of exciting excursions and fieldtrips, including trips to the Immigration Museum and the Melbourne Magistrates Court.
In Years 10-12, students are able to choose from an array of challenging and engaging Humanities subjects, including History, Accounting, Economics, Geography, Legal Studies, Business Management and Australian and Global Politics.