Languages (Japanese & German)

The Languages program at Melba for German and Japanese aims to develop, not only students’ ability to read, speak, listen to and write in a foreign language, but also to explore the culture and traditions of the countries where German and Japanese are spoken.

In lessons, students gradually build their knowledge of vocabulary and structure, creating and writing a variety of texts, in every day contexts, for example: letters and emails, reports and posters, presentations and role plays. At each year level, we structure work around real life situations: ordering in a café, buying clothes, finding one’s way around town, going to the doctor or chemist, booking a hotel. At senior levels more complex issues feature, such as comparing youth culture, racism, new technologies, youth unemployment.

Across Years 7-12 students are encouraged to work together collaboratively. Partner and team work is pivotal to skill building and success for all Languages students. We also recognise that positive work ethic and solid learning at home in a “new” study area is essential to student progress. We offer differentiated support and learning assistance with skill building for all levels of ability.

Each semester students watch a foreign language movie, research festivals and participate in in/excursions when available. Additionally, they study a cultural topic culminating in a group presentation, for example: Regional Food Specialities with a “Cake Day” in class; Famous German/Japanese Speakers followed by a showcase presentation open evening; movie making for Melbourne’s German Film Festival; excursion to the Kimono Museum. For those students who continue with Languages into senior years there is the opportunity to participate in a bi-annual trip to Sasayama, Japan or an annual exchange to Ulm, Germany.