Mathematics is a living, breathing subject. It goes beyond classrooms and textbooks, and now Melba College is leading the way and creating an environment of active and effective use of mathematics.
Numeracy is a key skill for every modern citizen, and at Melba, we ensure that students are challenged with and given every opportunity to enrich their interests, lives and studies with the power of Mathematics.
We provide a full range of Mathematical studies to guarantee every student has the best possible preparation for life beyond schooling. We have an energetic team of Mathematics teachers to support and develop each student’s interest and ability across all their studies. Whether they want an academic pathway for preparation for tertiary studies, or an intense practical course as groundwork for a future in the Trades or for life in general, Mathematics at Melba is an excellent choice.

Beyond the Mathematics classroom, numeracy is a key part of Melba’s curriculum across all subjects. A student of Melba will have the opportunity to use their developing skills in practical contexts throughout the school program. Challenge is an important ideal and part of the Melba Way, and students are provided with multiple opportunities to engage in local, state and national competitions and activities to sharpen skills and compete with the best.

Welcome to Melba where we make Mathematics Meaningful!