Science is a core part of life in our modern society – everyone needs to be scientifically literate and aware to fully partake as a citizen of the new millennium. At Melba College we celebrate Science as a discipline and a philosophy and as a core part of our instructional program.
Melba College provides an intensive, varied and practical program of science within the science classroom, school across other subjects areas and via excursions out into the community. An expert team of teachers in all strands of science lead students to stretch their limits. Students have the opportunity to explore the outer boundaries of science as far as their interests and passions can take them.

We have dedicated science facilities at both campuses the Junior and Senior campuses and expert support personal to ensure the best available resources are available for investigations and experiments.We are continuously modernising our equipment.

Students are encouraged to participate in challenges and competitions to match their skills with the best students in Australia, and have opportunities outside class to follow their interests and enrich their life experience with Science.