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Apple ID’s and students under 13

Apple states that anyone under the age of 13 can not create their own Apple ID. (you will receive an error if you enter their birth date on the form).

They can have an Apple ID but the Apple ID must be created by a parent or legal guardian.

See Apple’s Application-Based Service Terms of Use (from paragraph five):

“To use any of the Services, you must be at least 13 years old (or, for non-U.S. users, such older minimum age as may be required by applicable local law). If you are under the required age, you may still use the Services (subject to applicable local non-U.S. law), but only if the account you are using was created and registered by your parent or legal guardian.”

This means that the parent or legal guardian must create the account and use their information when filling in the required fields.

The purpose of this requirement is to protect the information of a minor. In addition the parent or legal guardian is the one with the ability to change and recover the password for the account.

So while the school can’t create an Apple ID for kids under 13, their parents can.

Their parents need:

A unique email address that has not been used to create an Apple ID in the past.Each Apple ID must be connected to a separate email address, but the email does NOT have to belong to the student. You can set up a free,, or email that belongs to a parent or the family in general and use that to set up the Apple ID. You will only need to check the email once to confirm it with Apple.

Set up the account with the parent or legal guardian information. This means: birthday, secret questions, and billing info (even when selecting None in payment info).