Connection Procedure

Getting Connected

The iPad needs a wireless network before it can connect to the Internet except for 3G/4G enabled devices, there are special conditions around these that can be found in the “Selecting a Device” section of the program handbook.

Fortunately, iPads are very clever at configuring themselves for most networks and provided you have the correct security credentials are very easy to connect.

Melba College however, has a high security network that requires the installation of a profile and encrypted certificates to each device connected. This is done free of charge on iPads supplied through Melba.

For externally sourced iPads this is charged at $60.

Parents will be invoiced the connection charge (where applicable) by the administration office after the device has been connected. .

Configuring the Device

Step 1
On the iPad please got to Settings > About and change the name of your iPad to “your surname.your first name”. For example Fred Nerk becomes Nerk.Fred, make sure both names are capitalised with a full stop separating them without spaces and surname first.

If you do not complete this step your iPad will not remain connected to the Melba network. Students attempting to enrol iPads with inappropriate device names in addition to being unable to remain connected will be subject to severe sanctions.

Step 2
You will need to be connected to a network with internet access for this next step. This could be your home network, a public WiFi hotspot or even a hotspot from your phone. A link and a connection code will have been emailed to the account you registered with the college as your preferred email contact address.

Simply click the link and input the connection code when the page loads.

You will be asked to accept a certificate and a profile and trust both. Please do so with both. Within a few minutes your iPad will register itself with our Meraki Mobile Device Manager and will be configured remotely for the Melba network.

Step 3
Shortly after Step 2 you will be prompted by the app store for you iTunes password. This is so Meraki may download the connection management app. Once downloaded and installed the app will prompt you to select whether you want Meraki to have access to location services.

The sole function of this is to determine the position of the iPad if it is lost or stolen. You may choose to turn this function on or off, bearing in mind tech staff will not be able to locate your iPad if it goes missing and location services are turned off

However, the Meraki app must remain installed as it allows tech staff to manage the connection at Melba College. iPads that do not have the app present will be quarantined from wireless connection and a re-connection fee may be levied to restore the devices access to the Melba network.

The device is now fully functional for connecting at school; for devices not purchased through Melba College parents will be sent an invoice for $60 early in Term 1.

This is a one time payment for the student’s device while at Melba College; there is no further ongoing cost (except as in the case outline above)

iPads purchased through Melba College will not attract a connection fee (except as in the case outline above)