Digital Learning

This generation of digitally capable learners will be highly valued in the 21st century workplace. We are developing the ICT literacy of Melba students to ensure they thrive in their professional and personal lives.

At Melba College we view technology as integral to the learning environment and both internal and external communication.

We are committed to providing the contemporary technologies, systems and software that enable students to choose the right tool for the task. While technological change continually transforms how learning occurs at the College, our focus is always on the use of technology as a means of enhancing rather than driving learning.

Our students demonstrate increasing digital competencies through the creative ways in which knowledge and information is sourced, analysed, applied, shared and presented.


    • iPad program at 7-9
    • Bring Your Own Tech program at 10-12
    • Compass - the School Portal/communication system
    • Every teaching space is equipped with audio and visual display facilities integrated with a powerful wireless and fibre optic school wide network
    • Multiple computer labs
    • Dedicated audio visual rooms
    • TV4Education - access to free to air/pay TV educational material for the past decade
    • Every student has their own secure Melba Google Drive and email address for communication, collaboration and data storage purposes