iPad Program

Program Details

*Please Note* The 2019 iPad Apps List will be published mid-Dec 

Melba College has a long history with one device to one student technology programs. We have deployed at times laptops, netbooks and iPads. At Junior levels we have found the iPad to be the clear winner in terms of robustness, adaptability and value for money

The way we interact with information has under gone a revolution in the last two decades. 21st century students must access online information at the point of need, not just when the library or computer room is available.

Devices such as the iPad allow teachers and students to reinvent what happens in the classroom, to create a truly global learning space.

Melba College specifies an iPad at Year 7 – 9. A well cared for unit however will be serviceable for much longer than this. Some students carry the device on into Senior School, some hand them down to siblings and some sell them on.

If you have an iPad already, at home it is fine to bring that into school and use it at the College provided it is at least an iPad Air. Later iPad Minis are fine at Junior as well, but just be aware they are unsuitable for Senior students. There is a small connection fee levied at the start of the year for iPads brought from home to connect to the Melba network. This covers the cost of the Mobile Device Management software that needs to be installed on the device.

Melba College has partnered with JB HiFi Education to offer heavily discounted iPads to parents and students if they wish to purchase a new unit. There is no obligation whatsoever to use this service. It is provided to help parents with the selection and purchase of an iPad at competitive price. Flexirent options and device insurance are also available with this option. Current and future Melba parents will be notified when purchasing opens in Term 3 via an online purchase portal.

There is also a list of required programs, called apps, that must be installed on the device. This list is published in Term 4 each year and distributed to parents. In 2017 there were no apps specified that had a cost and in 2018 we will once again endeavour to keep the cost of apps low or nil.

The conditions for Senior School devices are very quite different, please check the menu entitled BYO Tech Program Snr on this page or the click the link.