There are a number of ways to help control the websites users of your home network visit. It must be kept in mind though that none of them are fool proof and must be used in conjunction with parental supervision. It is strongly recommended that when at home iPads and computers in general are not Read More
One of the common issues around ICT use reported by families is overuse by students at home. When students receive a device for the first time some level of excessive use is expected and normal. This initial period of fascination normally lasts a couple of weeks to a month and then for most students usage Read More
Victorian Department of Justice – protect yourself online ACMA – [cyber:]smart for Parents Australian Federal Police – ThinkUKnow Youth Central –Web and Social Safety Cyber Safe Kids: Growing Up Digital Project The Easy Guide to Socialising Online – The Australian Government’s Easy Guide to Socialising Online  The Australian Government’s Cybersafety Help Button – Cybersafety Help Button download page Google – How you can protect your family online Internet Filters – Family Friendly Read More
The Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner is Australia’s leader in online safety. The Office is committed to helping young people have safe, positive experiences online and encouraging behavioural change, where a generation of Australian children act responsibly online—just as they would offline. We provide online safety education for Australian children and young people, a Read More
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Did you know that some social media accounts can never be deleted? Do you know how to delete your social media accounts if you ever need to in an emergency? Account killer is a free service and it has two functions. Firstly it can advise you on which social media sites are difficult or impossible Read More
Well no, actually there are some things you cant say and some you shouldn’t. We’ve put together a guide for you about the limits of free speech on the internet and your legal rights and responsibilities. It’s instructive to bear in mind that many legal firms are now reporting that actions related to online speech Read More