Common Assessment Tasks

The practice of developing common learning goals, activities, success criteria and feedback opportunities is referred to as a Common Assessment Task (CAT).

This guarantees consistent, quality content delivery and assessment of curriculum across classes.

  • In Years 7-9 there are up to three CATs per subject per semester.
  • tasks vary in nature across subjects but have consistent form, assessment criteria, preparation and timing within specific subjects.
  • clear information is given regarding:
  • the learning intention
  • task details
  • assessment criteria
  • the due date.
  • a phone call or written explanation must be provided if students are absent the day a CAT is due and the CAT must be submitted on the day of return.
  • the completion of CATs is They form a significant part of the assessment cycle and the satisfactory completion of all subjects.  If a CAT is not completed, parents/guardians are informed and a ‘CATch-Up’ session is scheduled.
  • parents will be informed about CATs completed to an unsatisfactory standard. This task can be resubmitted.
  • CATs attract 80 ACE points per semester for:
  • satisfactory completion by the due date
  • the expected contribution to a positive learning environment.

This is the benchmark for all students