Vision, Values and Philosophy


Melba College challenges and equips lifelong learners to achieve their unique personal and academic goals, to experience success, value community and graduate world-ready.

We aim to foster excellence and personal fulfillment in a dynamic learning environment that engages, enriches and empowers each individual, in a safe and nurturing community.

We will develop:

  • Successful, Passionate and Inspired Learners who
  • engage with learning purposefully and persistently
  • make continual progress toward their goals and potential
  • rise to challenges and take opportunities
  • achieve personal best.
  • Confident, Creative and Resilient Individuals who
  • take learning risks and apply learning meaningfully
  • think deeply, ask questions, explore possibilities, innovate
  • learn and practise positive thinking and habits
  • develop and demonstrate curiosity and courage.
  • Informed, Active and Thoughtful Citizens who
  • maintain awareness of local, national and global issues
  • choose to be mindful and ethical
  • generate ideas and translate them into meaningful community action
  • show concern, kindness, respect and acceptance.

As Learners, we value Excellence and Personal Best

As Individuals, we value Integrity and Endeavor

As Citizens, we value Community and Citizenship

 Excellence and Personal Best

Our students gain and apply knowledge, develop skills and engage with learning as explorers, thinkers, risk-takers, problem solvers, communicators and evaluators. They develop an understanding of themselves, others and the world through physical, academic, cultural, social and emotional learning. At senior levels, students can choose the pathway most suited to their learning style and aspirations.

Pursuing excellence in all aspects of life brings out the best in our students, and fosters the sense of personal satisfaction that fuels further improvement and success. They learn that rising to high expectations, striving for goals and performing with distinction takes self-reflection, resourcefulness, resilience and hard work. All progress and personal best achievements are celebrated.

Integrity and Endeavour

Moral and ethical principles guide our practice; the way we work and conduct our relationships. We strive to know and do the right thing, demonstrating moral purpose and courage. We are truthful, keep our word and show respect to ourselves, others, the community and the environment.

Much is achieved with significant effort and endeavour. We encourage students to achieve their best in a safe and supportive environment by adopting positive attitudes and overcoming challenges. This fosters the confidence, resilience and courage it takes to try new things, learn from mistakes and realise academic and personal potential.  The result is enrichment.

Community and Citizenship

Melba is a close-knit community characterised by a genuine sense of connectedness, care and inclusion. We accept the rights and responsibilities that come with the privilege of community and recognise the part we play collectively and as individuals in upholding the common good.

Empowered, world-ready, global citizens who have the capacity to make meaningful community contributions understand the importance of championing social justice.  We are therefore committed to promoting and practising mindfulness, human rights advocacy, sustainability and community service.


The daily mission of realising our vision is underpinned by our philosophy; the set of foundation principles that influence and guide all areas of the college’s policies, operations, curricular and co-curricular programs.  These are that:

  • providing a safe, positive and caring environment underpins learning. Melba College has zero tolerance for child abuse. Everyone working at the college is responsible for the care and protection of the children without our care and reporting information about suspected child abuse.
  • every student has the capacity to learn and progress
  • promoting a sense of belonging and connectedness fosters engagement, pride and confidence
  • a well defined student code of conduct based on the highest expectations of student behaviour and achievement serves all students best
  • personalised learning honours and supports the uniqueness of each student; their individual skills, strengths and learning needs
  • developing creative, collaborative, resourceful and ICT literate problem solvers is critical to successful 21st century living
  • supporting learning with an extensive and integrated student Wellbeing and Engagement framework, cultivates the understanding and practice of the college values
  • participating in the full range of academic, co-curricular, cultural and community activities facilitates holistic growth
  • a ‘whole’ person focus ensures the academic, physical, social and emotional needs of all students are identified, addressed and supported
  • a ‘Student at the Centre’ focus ensures all decisions are based on the improvement of opportunities and outcomes for students
  • a ‘Community of Learners’ culture is enriching and fosters the support of students and staff to achieve their personal best in all endeavours
  • continually developing teacher capacity ensures the innovation and expertise required to perpetuate student improvement
  • inculcating a love for learning and curiosity for inquiry is empowering and produces lifelong learners
  • partnership with parents, guardians and the broader community in supporting the learning and wellbeing of students is critical.