When it comes to facilitating your child’s smooth transition from primary school to Melba College, we don’t leave anything to chance. It’s too important for that. We honour this important milestone in your child’s life with the attention and multi-faceted strategy it deserves.

Our comprehensive and intentional support and wellbeing program begins early and is sustained well into Year 7 to give students every opportunity to have a positive experience.

By the time your child arrives for the first day of Year 7 they will already have:

  • met key staff members, many of their teachers and peers
  • been on campus multiple times
  • attended the November Information Night
  • benefitted from time with their form group on Orientation Day
  • received a detailed information package
  • had opportunities to ask questions
  • received a welcome letter and Transition Project instructions
  • communicated any individual needs.

Once the school year is underway further support is provided through:

  • the Launch Pad program - an introduction to expectations, routines and processes
  • Turbo Time - learning how to learn
  • ongoing wellbeing input
  • learning space allocation - a home room in the Year 7 corridor
  • staff allocation - two core teachers: English and Humanities, Maths and Science
  • Week 1 Transition Family Night
  • a follow up Parent Information Night in February
  • Orientation Camp.

This program enables us to nurture your child, facilitate a successful transition and ensure he or she is truly known and engaged in productive learning as quickly as possible.


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Students are not required to wear school uniform, however they should be dressed in appropriate neat casual wear.

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