ICL Awards Program

Melba College ICL Awards

What are the Melba College ICL Awards?

  • They will recognize and promote character strengths in our students in order to build positive behaviours and good habits.
  • One way that we can celebrate students who reflect our school values.
  • How we can build both the profile of Melba College and strengthen our relationships in the local community


What is ICL?

  • INDIVIDUALS – recognition of personal growth, development of personality traits and characteristics, e.g. adaptability, resilience, integrity.
  • CITIZENS – recognition of students who actively participate in both the school, wider local communities, and on a global scale e.g. students volunteering in the Canteen, coaching a local football/sports team, actively participating in World Challenge etc.
  • LEARNERS – recognition of a student who demonstrates dedication to the improvement of their learning.


How can I nominate a student for an award?

Nominations can be made by Staff, Students, Parents and Members of the local community (e.g. sporting associations, volunteer organisations, primary schools etc.)

They are made by filling a Nomination Form (see below) which are then sent to:  ICLawards@melba.vic.edu.au for consideration.

How do I know if a student is eligible for an award?

Click on the ICL Award Recognition Categories link below. It describes the three categories and the character strengths we are looking for. If you know a student who you think deserves an ICL Award and would like to discuss them please send your contact details to ICLawards@melba.vic.edu.au and we will contact you.

What happens with a nomination form?

A panel of teachers and students will consider each nomination individually to determine the value of recognition and appropriateness for the ICL Awards. The panel members will notify the relevant parties (candidate and nominator) of the outcome of the verification process.

What will happen when the student receives an ICL award?

Upon approval of a nomination both student candidate and nominator are notified of the successful outcome. The student will be recognised at the next sub-school assembly and presented with their certificate and their badge.

How can I find out more?

Please contact Cathie Lange on 98704551 or at ICLawards@melba.vic.edu.au

ICL Awards Nomination Form 

ICL Award Recognition Categories

Melba ICL Awards – YouTube Presentation