International Programs




Melba College offers a range of international programs for students to experience a wealth of opportunities to learn about foreign languages and culture. With exchange opportunities to Germany and Japan, cultural programs to South-East Asia through the World Challenge program, and international travel opportunities through our college music and United Youth Media programs, our students have a wealth of opportunities to experience what life is like beyond our borders. Long life partnerships and friendships develop through involvement in these programs, and maturity and independence, formed through the necessity of confronting challenging scenarios outside of one’s own comfort zone, is furthered through our program. Furthermore, language proficiency improves dramatically through immersion in the country’s language.


German Exchange Program

The German Exchange Program continues to grow at the college; the expansion of the annual program to incorporate a 3rd school, Highvale Secondary College in 2011, has enabled even greater opportunities for our students to travel, experience German culture and improve their German proficiency. Once in Germany, students take part in a 4-week home stay program. Students also travel to the capital, Berlin, for a cultural and historical study of the city.


Japan Exchange Program

The bi-annual Japanese Program to Sasayama Homei High School offers our students a valuable opportunity to improve language and cultural knowledge of Japan. The 3-week program encompasses a homestay with a Sasayama family, with a cultural tour encompassing the cities of Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima.


World Challenge Program

The World Challenge Program is a team-building program in which students embark on challenging expeditions to South-East Asia. The program allows students to develop life skills in communication, teamwork, risk management, negotiation, delegation and money management. The bi-annual program is split into 4 major components; acclimatization, trekking, a community project and rest/recreation time. In 2012, we saw students build a well in a Vietnamese village, and in 2014, students will travel to Thailand and Cambodia.


Other Opportunities

Melba College continues to build its links with the international community. Numerous programs across the school continue to allow our students to develop an understanding of the world around us. Students within the school have the opportunity to be involved in United Youth Media. The program is pivotal in building links with many small nations in the Asia-Pacific. In 2012, students from Melba had the opportunity, as part of this program, to travel to London for the Olympic Games to report on behalf of these countries. Additionally, the Melba College Instrumental Band Program travelled to the United States in April 2013 and toured the Western Coast. All these opportunities have allowed our students to build international links.