Mentor Program

The Melba College Mentor Program has three main roles within the College framework. The Mentor Program assists with the development of the ‘individual learner’ providing opportunities for goal setting, development of study skills and study plans. Mentor Groups will also be responsible for activities that will lead to the development of a sense of community, taking part in planning and executing activities that will support either the College community or take a broader approach to community and participate in programs in support of social issues. This part of the program is known as College, Community and Country. A third facet of the Mentor Program is the ability to develop inter-personal relationships between staff and a small group of students. Lastly, Mentor Sessions will be used to hold year-level or sub-school assemblies designed to celebrate the achievements of the students throughout each term. Mentor Sessions take place twice a week – Tuesday and Thursday. At the Junior Campus the Mentor Groups are organised vertically (7-9) according to houses, to further develop collegiate relationships. At the Senior Campus, given the disparate needs of each year level, the Mentor Groups are organised horizontally – with 8 groups at each year level.