Partner Schools



Melba College is proud of its ties with the international community; we offer our students so many possibilities to develop intercultural understanding as they learn to value their own cultures, languages and beliefs, and those of others. It is through our links with our sister schools that we offer students the possibility to experience and share Australian and International cultures, with visits to and from our sister schools.


More detailed information about the trips to our sister schools can be accessed by clicking the International Programs tab above.



Melba College offers an annual exchange program with the Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium in Ulm. Around 1,100 students attend the school, located in the district of Ulm-Wiblingen in the state of Baden-Württember, east of the southern city of Munich.

The Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium Website is located at



Melba College offers a bi-annual exchange program with Sasayama Homei High School. The school is located in the Hyōgo prefecture, located east of the city of Kyoto.

The Sasayama Home High School Website is located at



Melba College is buildings its links with the Xi’an Gaoxin Greenwich High School No. 1, located in the Shaanxi province, south-west of Beijing.

Xi’an Gaoxin’s website can be found at