Melba College provides a safe environment by:
  • enforcing zero tolerance for child abuse, including bullying and harassment, in all its forms
  • managing student supervision, visitors to the school, after school collection and student privacy
  • supporting shared parental responsibility
  • undertaking preventative measures to address the risk of inappropriate alcohol consumption or the misuse of drugs
  • abiding by mandatory reporting requirements, police protocols, or search and/or seizure of property guidelines
  • facilitating access to support services
  • meeting the planning and implementation requirements for excursions and activities
  • advising parents about student transport options that are available to the school
  • ensuring the appropriate use of private cars for school activities.
Child Safe Standards

All registered schools have an important responsibility for keeping children safe.

Melba College has a sound and comprehensive suite of policies and procedures in place that aim to achieve this.

A new minimum standard for school registration now requires schools to take specific actions to meet the child safe standards of Ministerial Order No. 870.

Melba College, led by the School Council and principal, is meeting the requirement to create and maintain a child safe organisation by:
  • embedding an organisational culture of child safety
  • having a child safe policy which includes our statement of commitment to child safety
  • having a Child Safe Code of Conduct that establishes clear expectations for appropriate behaviour with children
  • adopting human resource practices that reduce the risk of child abuse by new and existing personnel. This includes, screening new staff, conducting staff induction and professional development programs, and ensuring staff supervision arrangements are in place.
  • ensuring processes for responding to and reporting suspected child abuse are clear, communicated to the community and followed
  • employing strategies to identify and reduce or remove risks of child abuse
  • continuing our practice of empowering children through valuing and student voice and affecting change in relation to it as appropriate, providing education and skill development to ensure children can identify and communicate when they don’t feel safe.
All Melba College community members are:
  • responsible for ensuring that Melba College students are safe and protected
  • responsible for familiarising themselves with their obligations regarding child safety under Victorian legislation and Ministerial Order No. 870.
  • invited to participate in the development and review of all related policies, codes of conduct and strategies.

Ongoing communication and education in relation to these matters will be forthcoming over the course of the year.

Be clear - Child abuse, and arrangements that allow it to occur, will not be tolerated.

Melba College students, indeed children world wide, deserve nothing less.

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