At Melba College, every teacher is a teacher of wellbeing.

The staff are supported and led in wellbeing education and service provision by a range of highly qualified professionals who comprise the Melba College Wellbeing Team.

Students and parents can access their specialist services as required by appointment - Senior Campus: T 9870 4551, Junior Campus: T 9725 8277.

They are located at the Wellbeing HQ.

 Wellbeing Leader

Deb Stacey works with students, staff and parents to facilitate the college culture of safety and wellbeing, and to promote positive learning and personal growth outcomes.  She works across both campuses, providing wellbeing support and facilitating referrals to relevant agencies as necessary.

School Chaplain

Chris Waddell supports community members at both campuses three days a week: Wednesday-Friday.

School Psychologist

Sam Thomson visits the junior and senior campuses weekly. She provides counselling and offers strategies to enhance learning and positive behaviour.  Appointments and referrals are made through Deb Stacey.

Adolescent Health Nurse

Tamara Magrath is on campus Mondays and Tuesdays. She provides care through health education, assessments and support, referral and health promotion activities. Tamara also facilitates links between college community members and relevant primary health care services, and contributes to the development of the health curriculum.

Speech Pathologist

Meg Dailey is a Department of Education and Training (DET) visiting speech pathologist.  She provides speech and language assessment for students with articulation and/or language difficulties and suggests strategies for maximising learning potential. Consulting with students, parents and staff facilitates this outcome.

Youth Worker

Rachelle Jones works with our senior students on Mondays and our junior students on Thursdays.

Youth Settlement Worker

Randika Wijekoon works two days a week across both campuses, he is from the Migrant Information Centre.

Doctors in Secondary Schools Program

The $43.8 million Doctors in Secondary Schools initiative is delivering on a State Government commitment to fund general practitioners (GPs) to attend up to select Victorian Government secondary schools up to one day a week to provide medical advice and health care to students.

Melba College will work together with local general practices to enable primary health care services to be delivered on school premises. It is anticipated that the program will enable a GP to attend the school for up to one day a week to assist students to identify and address any health problems early.

All Melba students l will be able to access the GP, subject to providing the required consent for the services.

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