Student Voice

Student Representative Council

Student Voice refers to the practice of listening to students’ unique perspectives on learning, teaching, and schooling, and adjusting policies and practices accordingly. This is one of our core priorities.

At Melba College, students are empowered to fully, proudly and actively participate in college decision-making processes through our Student Voice group. This representative body offers opinions, raises concerns and ideas, discusses issues, reviews policies and practices, and influences decisions that impact on their learning and school experience. We value the changes and improvements that result from this interaction.


Influence and Impact

Student Voice representatives:

  • participate on teacher selection panels
  • organise and implement the very popular annual community building event: Melba Day
  • drive citizenship and community endeavours. Recent projects include: -  1 Million Stars to End Violence

Program features: Battle of the Bands, Melba’s Got Talent, Melba Chef, stalls and food.


Group composition

Senior Team:     

College Captains

House Captains

Music Captains

Beacon Ambassadors

Representatives: Years 10, 11 and 12

Junior Team:

School Captains (4)

House Captains (4)

Ambassadors, Years 7-9

Form representatives, Years 7-8