Learning Vision

To facilitate ongoing personal best performances and at least a year’s progress for a year’s input for all students,

Melba College is committed to:
  • Personalised learning programs that:
  • recognise and cater for the unique needs, backgrounds, perspectives, interests and prior learning of each student
  • reflect current pedagogy informed by evidence-based effective practice
  • involve students in challenging but realistic goal setting
  • are open-ended and address multiple intelligences
  • utilise a range of appropriate digital tools
  • foster autonomy; responsibility for one’s own learning and progress
  • prepare students with the knowledge, skills, and values for lifelong learning.
Curriculum that is:
  • delivered by passionate, expert teachers who foster positive student relationships and vary teaching strategies to address individual needs and improve outcomes
  • engaging, relevant and rigorous
  • informed by choice, appropriate challenge and extension, support and intervention
  • inquiry based, interactive and designed to foster curiosity, creativity, critical thinking, and communication
  • underpinned by the monitoring of learning, effective feedback, self reflection, and an assessment cycle that informs future learning
  • regularly reviewed.
Building teacher capacity and the practice of:
  • embedding literacy and numeracy strategies across the curriculum
  • using evidence to determine teaching strategies
  • using Learning Intentions, Success Criteria and Assessment Rubrics explicitly in all aspects of teaching
  • using a variety of assessment practices to reflect the full range of learning intentions
  • setting high expectations
  • promoting self-confidence and risk taking
  • valuing excellence
  • fostering collaboration
  • modelling and scaffolding examples of high quality work
  • valuing and rewarding improvement in learning and positive behaviour.

The curriculum is based on a core and elective model with increased choice available to students as they progress through the college.  VCE is the preferred pathway at the college. Partnerships with well established external agencies exist in relation to VET studies and a significant proportion of students undertake VCAL.