Literacy Enhancement Program

Our belief

At Melba College, it is recognised that Literacy Skills are essential in a student’s learning. Literacy involves students comprehending text through listening, reading and viewing and composing text through speaking, writing and creating. Melba College offers a Literacy Enhancement Program for students who require extra support in attaining these goals. The Program is implemented from Year 7 through to Year 9. It has been recognised that support does not finish at Year 7 as learning is a continuum, until graduating from the program once specific educational goals have been attained.

What the program entails

The Literacy Enhancement Program offers small group work, tailored to students individual educational needs. This may include reading, spelling, handwriting, punctuation, comprehension, essay technique, understanding texts and grammar skills. As all students come to Melba with different skills, it is important to target what they need to learn to reach their potential in class. Group work is mainly focused on teaching these skills although once a fortnight, explicit teaching will be based around literacy skills that are required in the classroom, allowing students to comprehend, sequence and plan what they need to do to complete set tasks.
The Literacy Enhancement Program offers an enjoyable, constructive learning environment to engender confidence and the ability to complete tasks to the best of the student’s ability.


At Melba College, the Literacy Enhancement Program will be scheduled as a set class once entered the program.

Eligibility / selection criteria

The students will enter the program using a range of assessment tools including ODT, e-write, NAPLAN data, transition plans, school reports and individual testing.

Graduating from the program

Students will graduate from the program once the essential skills to reach their maximum potential are attained.