Introducing MIM3 The Melba Instructional Model

The MIM3 model was created with input from Melba teaching staff at each step of its development. It is intended to be used as a guide across all domain areas.

Different domain areas and pedagogical approaches have conflicting requirements in terms of lesson planning. A rigid instructional module which mandated sequence and duration of it's elements was considered unlikely to be suitable for universal application at Melba

The MIM3 model was developed from the start to be equally suitable to guiding the planning of a learning sequence or unit, as it is to a single lesson. It his highly flexible in the manner it which it can be used. At its most broad the Enrich, Engage and Empower elements provide and instructional template where learners are immersed in the learning intention (Engage), they incorporate the skills or concepts in the success criteria and utilise that learning in some way (Enrich), they reflect on and evaluate their own learning and understand their own success (Empower).

At its most detailed it provides a blueprint for teachers to create effective learning outcomes for students and to understand the effectiveness of the learning designs they create.

The MIM3 Introductory Presentation
The MIM3 Support Toolbox