Strategic Plan

Our strategic direction is underpinned by our vision which encapsulates the goal of all students achieving their personal best as a learner, individual and citizen.  This broad strategy will improve student learning outcomes and be addressed at Melba College in the immediate future with a focus on three initiatives:

  • Empowering students and building school pride
  • Building teacher capacity and practice excellence
  • Developing specific curriculum planning and assessment strategies

For more detail on our approach to addressing these initiatives, please click here for our

Responsibility for learning is shared by the whole learning community: students, teachers and families. As partners in supporting student learning progress we encourage parents to:

  • take an active interest in learning on a daily basis
  • communicate regularly with teaching staff
  • attend parent/student/teacher interviews
  • seek advice from our Career Advisor.

The school will be creating its school strategic plan 2021-25 over the course of 2020 and will upload here once complete.